Les Attridge – St James Infirmary [cover]

cover i sang, cant remember who the original singer is, also my video soft ware is not properly working at moment,hope you enjoy,les

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10 Responses to Les Attridge – St James Infirmary [cover]

  1. les attridge says:

    thank you very much,les

  2. NORTRANCE says:

    Great song !!! Bravo my friend(ˆ◡ˆ)b

  3. les attridge says:

    glad you enjoyed,les

  4. SkinnyBabe38 says:

    Love this song LES…always have…into new playlist….thumbs way up.

  5. CanadianoftheCoast says:

    That was cool bud! Very well done indeed!

  6. les attridge says:

    hi robert thanks for lookin at my channel;i hope you like what you have heard;i write most of my own songs;but wnen you hear a great song ive got to sing it les;

  7. annemaree says:

    Wonderful song and cover Les!!!!!
    Have a great weekend,
    Hugs Annemaree

  8. SkinnyBabe38 says:

    Les, What a beautiful song. Your voice is amazing. Really like this one lots. I am glad blayzy gave you my message. I am grateful to him. He better shape up and do the duet with you. I am waiting. Wow Les, The whole family has been coming out with good videos and songs lately. Very proud of you, blayzy and map. Even made a playlist for him also. You know we have to keep it going now that everything is good and Life is Good.
    Your friend,

  9. antoniojoao17 says:

    Bravo, bravo, bravo, ótimo

  10. Blayzy Stahh says:

    awesome les

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